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With more than 5000 customers around the globe Canada Worldwide Inc. has been offering logistical solutions for bottom line results since 1999.


eShipper is a division of Canada Worldwide Services Inc. A non-asset based logistics solution provider specializing in unique customized logistic solutions.


Our established relationships with all the major airlines, couriers, trucking, and ocean carriers enables us to provide our clients with preferential pricing and superior service. Since eShipper's inception in 2005, our program has been tried, tested, and proven by thousands of satisfied customers.


Simply put we manage the relationship with transportation providers so that you can spend your time in growing your bottom line.


The need for eShipper along with eOrder was identified by the management team at a time when our clients were seeking a technological solution that would allow them to process all of their shipments from one application. The onerous task of utilizing multiple service providers had been deemed by our customer to be tedious along with an inefficient use of time. With all that in mind the development of eShipper began!


Once launched our SMC's (small & medium sized companies) wanted us to take eShipper one step further for inventory and order management. We listened, and with that eOrder was launched. eOrder is a real time, on-line inventory management software that can be utilized for multiple locations as well as an integrated management tool for web based shopping tools.


eShipper is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication of both CWS Inc. and our customers. Through this dedication to excellence we are pleased to provide you with the number one source for online shipping and logistical services.

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