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eShipper has the ability to be integrated into any website or e-commerce shopping cart. Through our XML and API technology eShipper has been successfully integrated with many shopping carts on the web today.


Only Best Rated found at has been utilizing eShipper services in just that matter. Through the API solution eShipper has tooled OBR with the ability to provide their customers with real time shipping quotes as they go through their purchase process.


In addition, eShipper platform tallies all the orders and provides OBR with a batch print of all the courier compliant waybills without having to type any information. Streamlining their efficiencies and getting their product to their customers faster.


Here's what OBR has to say about eShipper:


"Being equally excited about the idea and skeptical about implementation, we planned slowly and carefully to integrate our retail store with eShipper. Our confidence skyrocketed when we met the people dedicated to getting things done in the most customer-friendly and efficient manner. A week later we scrapped the plans for the slow integration and dived into fully integrated fulfillment and shipping mode. "The streamlined process has allowed us to double our revenue for the last 2 years!"-Only Best Rated


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