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Warehousing & Distribution


Are you sourcing for a warehouse supplier? If so eShipper can help here too.


With the growth of our client warehousing clientele eShipper had to be developed into a Warehouse Management System. With that came the development and implementation of eOrder.


Our customer SuperMax World (SMX) ( utilizes our services for a vast variety of transportation requirements. Whether it be storing goods or putting together a kit specific to individual orders, eShipper has delivered.

SMX is provided with the capabilities to enter orders from their customers into our online eOrder module which allows our warehouse staff to pick and pack the orders.


This one client utilizes many different modes of transportation. We deliver their bulk orders on pallets to stores across North America. We also transport their orders in bulk by bringing them across the border from Toronto, Ontario to Buffalo, NY. We then inject them into the US domestic courier stream to be delivered all across the USA. We also ship individual orders direct from our warehouse to all areas of Canada and the USA.


SMX has enjoyed this growth all the while never once having to worry about exorbitant shipping costs, transportation/logistical issues, contractual office leases (moving from one office to another), staff, and investments into ever changing technology.


Benefits To All Warehousing Clients:

  • Grow product line and stock without being tied to a lease.

  • Receive orders on-line and have the orders fulfilled and shipped automatically.

  • View stock on-line with full visibility at SKU level.

  • View all shipping activity on-line.

  • Produce reports to maintain records for various types of functions.

  • Receive full scale support without having to hire employees.

  • Enjoy a complete warehousing, inventory and shipping system at no up front cost.

  • Whether you need to have your inventory warehoused in our facility or you simply want to process your orders from your own location eShipper and eOrder can assist in streamlining the process.


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